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Cutting edge technology to protect your brands

Our patented process creates 3D images for a range of security label applications. Protecting your brands from counterfeiting, warranty fraud and tampering.

Axel Lundvall

Made in Sweden

Rolling Optics combines exceptional skills in design (packaging, graphic, industrial, experiential), innovation, micro-printing and full-manufacturing to produce unique micro printed 3D foils from one secure site in the world here in Sweden.

Meet the Team

Production quality

Our manufacturing facility in Stockholm has been designed from the bottom-up to provide you with short and dependable lead-times. Dimensioned to produce large volumes and certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.

Fine precision printing...
Security Sealed. Use this pattern for security seals and show the customer that the content inside has been checked, protected and security sealed!

Why Secure?

Design as security feature & unique knowledge. Our technology has been developed over 15 years with cutting edge laboratory research leveraging a range of scientific & technical disciplines. This creates an effective barrier to counterfeiters.

Protection through technology

Let’s keep in touch!

We will never sell your e-mail address or spam you, that's a promise! But we will keep you up to date with the latest results from our R&D and Design teams. Usually that tends to happen about 3-4 times per year.

Protect your brands

We produce standard and customised designs with unique 3D effects to increase brand attractiveness, improve shelf impact and safeguard products from counterfeiting.

Our proprietary technology prints your images with an amazing 3D effect giving striking clarity and depth unmatched in the printing world.

Far beyond traditional holographic effects, no fuzzy images or rainbow effects requiring special lighting or tools for instant visual verification by customers and brand owners.

Benefits of micro-optic foil

Rolling Optics micro-optic security foils create highly visible effects giving a 3D effect.

The designs can be customized so that images can appear at several layers and appear to be floating beneath or above the surface of the foil.

The foils can be easily adapted to current corporate or brand guidelines. Images can be placed in such a way so that they appear to disappear or move when tilted or rotated. Images can be made to appear and disappear.