About us

Rolling Optics is a world leading supplier of micro optical security materials. Our primary product is labels with 3D-effects used as a measure for brands to protect themselves against counterfeiting.

The company is relatively small but have large ambitions. We are 18 employees managing everything from sales and development, to design, tooling, and production. Our team is a mix of talented people with different cultural and educational background to match our unique technical field and international arena for customers. All of this is located under one roof in our secure premises in Stockholm Sweden. Meet our management and the board.

Our business mission is that our micro optical security film with its 3D-effects will become the leading visual security solution to be used by brands wishing to protect and promote themselves all over the globe.

A Swedish Innovation story

Rolling Optics as a company have existed since 2005. However, its roots can be traced a long way back in time. In the early nineties, microstructuring and replication started to merge with commercial ambitions and large-scale manufacturing technologies. Uppsala University with its Ångström laboratory (opened in 1996), a melting pot for material science research became a hot-spot for spin-off companies.

Co-founder and inventor Axel Lundvall, a research scientist working together with co-founder and assistant professor Fredrik Nikolajeff, were studying optical microstructures and applications when the first ideas of 3D-imaging in thin films came across. In 2002, the first prototype of flexible 3D-films saw its daylight and shortly thereafter, the work started with developing the unique and proprietary micro print technology.


Turning lab processes into production was however a challenging task. It took many years to build not only hardware but also the knowledge and experience needed to succeed with our ambitions. This is however in the end something positive, since the patience, knowledge and capital needed to realize this journey will be a natural barrier for counterfeiters and competitors trying to catch up with and match this unique technology. In 2010 the first production system was ready to deliver small volumes for commercial testing.

The leading player in disruptive micro optics

In 2012, international expertise foresaw micro optics to become one of the most disruptive technologies in security printing until 2020. Timing was good since Rolling Optics started to approach an international market for security applications and since 2014, we have built up a global network of qualified partners to distribute our unique proposal. With its unmatched crystal-clear 3D-effects, Rolling Optics is today considered by the business to be the world leading supplier of micro optics.

As a logic consequence of our position in the field of micro optics, Rolling Optics entered in 2015 a strategic partnership with Innovia Films and CCL Secure, the manufacturers of the most sophisticated substrates for polymer banknotes.