The story behind our unique micro-optical security film

Invented at the University of Uppsala’s Ångström Laboratory, it took 10 years of research & development to reach today’s full scale production.

We combine exceptional skills within design (packaging, graphic, industrial, experiential), micro-printing, chemistry and high-tech manufacturing to produce our unique micro printed 3D foils at our secure site here in Stockholm, Sweden.


A Swedish Innovation story

Imagine real 3D within a thin flexible printed polypropylene. An optical material in high resolution, with a clarity and depth unmatched in the world today.  That’s Rolling Optics technology, a unique firm that blends ultra-high precision printing technology with world-class design capability.


Founded in 2002 (although officially unveiled in 2005) Rolling Optics is the world-leader in developing innovative 3D micro-optical substrates for application or integration into packaging primarily as converted labels. Our patented solutions offer wide design creativity, are fully customisable, offering scope for any business wishing to lift the first line of contact with their consumers to a completely new level. Typically the Rolling Optics client falls into two categories, those wishing to enhance or create brand impact or those looking to keep a brand secure and protected through advanced security solutions such as security labels.


Rolling Optics was born when co-founder and inventor Axel Lundvall (Co-founder and today CEO) was a research scientist at the Ångström laboratory at Uppsala University. Together with a team headed by renowned assistant Professor Fredrik Nikolajeff, the group was studying optical microstructures, optical materials and light scattering in thin foils. Rolling Optics formed a team representing a rare mix of scientific, industrial and design backgrounds – opening up completely new approaches to 3D micro-printing using high-tech volume production, resulting in our 3D micro-printing technology.

The concept developed further during a collaborative project with Innventia (formerly STFI-Packforsk), a world leader in research and development relating to pulp, graphic media, packaging and biorefining. It was Innventia that helped to define the markets for the invention.
By cooperating with Innventia and selected industry partners, Rolling Optics came into contact with print and packaging partners for testing the materials on a larger scale. As Lundvall points out; “We’ve focused on the ability to easily convert and apply the material in large volumes. The team have invested a large amount of time in creating a robust, secure production facility that takes into account the entire product: from raw materials to the finished foil and, thanks to our partners, into the the final package.”


All our resources work together in our airy open office environment. Our Production is located at the same site allowing for complete integration and quick communication between all our departments.


Multi-talented, multi-cultural

We strive for a multi-talented, multi-cultured environment with a balance between all the skills to add value for our clients. Over 30% of our team are coming from outside Sweden and several of the Swedes have lived abroad for many years so the languages that we speak include English, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Farsi. In addition, our team has a range of advanced degrees in arts and design, applied science, micro optics, materials sciences and business so, with ages ranging from late 20′s to 50′s, we can provide a unique balance combining cutting edge thinking and experience.

Axel Lundvall

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Rolling Optics was born when co-founder and inventor Axel Lundvall (Co-founder and today CEO) was a research scientist at the Ångström laboratory at Uppsala University. Get to know more about the management of Rolling Optics.

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