BILDER till BP_BI 1170-02

Instant recognition

Our features are instantly recognized by anyone. This is the main advantage compared to other technologies requiring no specific lights, angles or tools to verify.

Design as security feature

Great design flexibility allows for combining aesthetically superior solutions and high levels security in one simple package. Added levels of security can be added both at the overt, covert and forensic level to fit the final application.

Emerging technology and disruptive innovation

Our technology has been developed over 15 years with cutting edge laboratory research leveraging a range of  scientific & technical disciplines. This creates an effective barrier to counterfeiters.

Unique & closed access to manufacturing technology

Our proprietary production system is located at our own secure premises in Stockholm, Sweden.

Unique knowledge of specialist disciplines

We understand the requirements for creating a complete secure solution and can combine elements of security and design to produce the optimal solution.