Be Seen, Be Secure

The attractivity in the 3D-effect is a vital element in Rolling Optics’ security concept. However, why not take advantage of and make even more out of the attractiveness!?

Be seen, be secure

The primary advantage of our security solution is that it provides instant recognition without the need for special lighting or reading devices. The eye-catching effect does not only call for consumer interaction but also ensure that the security feature is actually seen and recognized as compared to many other less attractive technologies. The attractivity of the optical effect is therefore a vital element of the security concept.

An irresistible value proposition

An eye-catching effect attached to the package or the product means shelf impact. By using Rolling Optics unique 3D-effects, you can make your product stand out and become selected amongst many others. As a measure for security, it will build trust and confidence with the end users. The visual impact will however also help in promoting the product and building the brand identity profiling it as high-end attractive and progressive.

Integration in package design

Rolling Optics have several customers that discovered the positive combination of using both values offered by our technology. By using the 3D-effect as a central part of their package design, there is no need for security features in conflict with the package design. If the 3D-effect is used as an integrated part of a belly label on a bottle or as a background on a package front, it would primarily be seen as a brand identity feature. However, since Rolling Optics is the only supplier being able to offer such a label, the product is by guarantee resilient to counterfeiting.