Made In Sweden - Rolling Optics - Security Solutions For Packaging AndD Products
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Rolling Optics and its technology has grown and matured in the innovative soil of Sweden. By building production and development in Stockholm, we make sure to preserve the most important values we bring to our customers. From its base in Sweden, Rolling Optics has a global distribution reach and can serve customers in all corners of the world.

Made in Sweden

With its only 10 million residents, Sweden still hold three positions on Forbes’ list of the fifteen most innovative cities in the world. Being ranked as the second most innovative country in the world*, Sweden demonstrates its position as being a center point for technical inventions with a long tradition starting in the industrial revolution during the 19:th century.


Rolling Optics was founded as a company in 2005 with solid technical background from research at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. Products and production technology have been developed and scaled up for mass-production. Micro optical security products have been offered and sold to customers since 2010. Being the pioneers in this technical field, Rolling Optics sets a footprint in history that competitors and counterfeiters have just started to realize the impact of. Since 2015, Rolling Optics have a strategic partnership with Innovia Films and CCL Secure, the manufacturers of the most sophisticated substrates for polymer banknotes.

Local production and global distribution

Counterfeiting is a global problem and hence Rolling Optics customers are located on all continents. To reach companies and consumers in need for protection, Rolling Optics have built up a strong network of distributors and partners.

For security reasons, Rolling Optics have decided to keep its production and development in its one secure site in Stockholm Sweden. Doing so, Rolling Optics can guarantee that no-one will have access to the unique and secret production technology that is required to generate the amazing effects used for authentication.


*Global Innovation Index, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 2016.