Why Is It Secure? - Rolling Optics - Security Solutions For Packaging AndD Products
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Rolling Optics is confident to say its worldwide patented solution is the most secure visual anti-counterfeit technology available on the market. The advanced technology is a combination of several elements developed over many years. Among these are a fully patented ultra-high-resolution micro printing technology, a unique in-house developed production system and software and a strictly controlled upstream and downstream supply chain. The barriers for any counterfeiter to come close in duplicating the technology is extremely high and will therefore last for many years to come.

Why is Micro Optics Secure?

Micro optics have been identified as one of the most disruptive technologies* to revolutionize the security materials business replacing the widely-copied holograms for authentication of branded products. Rolling Optics is the recognized world leader in this evolutionary market transformation.

The way it works in real life is simply like this:

  1. Rolling Optics supply brand owner with unique labels
  2. Brand owner apply label to its product or package
  3. Consumer recognize the unique label and verifies the authenticity. If a product does not carry the label, it is probably supplied by someone not having access to the unique labels

For this process to work, a few criteria will have to be met:

  • The consumer must see and recognize the label
  • The consumers must identify the label as being unique
  • The supply source of the label can only be one
  • The control of manufacturing and distribution of the labels must be controlled

Rolling Optics micro optical security solutions fulfill these criteria and can therefore be considered the most secure overt security solution in the world.

Attractive 3D-effect

The micro optical images are very different from holograms since they can be seen with the bare eye in any lighting conditions and at any viewing angle. The crystal clear and tantalizing 3D-effect is very attractive and automatically draw the consumers’ attention to it. The attractivity guarantee that the security solution is actually seen and registered by the consumer, a criteria to pass where most other security solutions actually fail.

Instant recognition

Simply recognizing the attractive 3D-effect verifies the authenticity of the product to which it is attached. No readers or scanners are required and once you have seen a label from Rolling Optics, I promise you will recognize it instantly the next time.

New and advanced technology

The micro optical label solution consists of a thin flexible film with a very precise integration of micro lenses and ink features generated with the world’s most highly resolved printing technology**. The advanced production technology has been developed in-house at Rolling Optics and is not accessible elsewhere. Substantial investments in a one-of-a-kind production plant and continuous development of the technology constitute effective barriers to entry and make sure that Rolling Optics will always stay ahead of counterfeiters and competitors.

Control of production

By controlling the manufacturing and distribution of brand specific security solutions from our one secure production site in Stockholm Sweden, we guarantee that no one can copy your security label solution. Many of our current customers have successfully replaced obsolete holograms with micro optical security labels from Rolling Optics increasing their revenues and market shares.


*PIRA International “10 years forecast on disruptive technologies in security printing”

**Rolling Optics own developed and proprietary print method is capable of printing the entire text of the English Dictionary 1.000 times on one A4-sheet