From idea to 3D micro-optical foil ready to apply

For customised products tailored specifically to your needs, we move from initial idea to design, physical prototypes and then production typically within 10-14 weeks.

For our standard designs, 3D micro-optical foils can be printed and sent within 2 weeks depending on our current stock levels.

Our 3D micro-optical foils are then converted into final labels through one of our partners who have been qualified by us and can guarantee high levels of quality in accordance to our ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. We only use preferred certified suppliers to ensure high levels of quality and consistency throughout the chain.

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Our design team have a range of skills within industrial packaging, graphic design, 3D design, programming, printing and conversion. Team members have graduate degrees some with double-Masters combining several fields of design, are award-winning and very experienced. We aim to provide world-class design solutions to our clients and work from our own renowned design lab here in Stockholm.


Research & Development

Our R&D team combine Engineering or PhD degrees within materials science, applied physics (micro and nanotechnology), optics, material physics, signal processing, chemistry, process and tooling in order to support and drive innovation within our field. They also provide a critical resource for advanced technical projects and are the link between production our innovation lab.

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Our production team combine experience from within the graphic and security printing field. We work in a clean-room environment. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.



We have a capacity to produce 3D micro-optical foil for up to 1 billion labels per year and can ramp up production if needed as we expand.


Design as a security feature

Great design flexibility allows for combining aesthetically superior solutions and high levels security in one simple package. Added levels of security can be added both at the overt, covert and forensic level to fit the…

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