Introducing Anima™ micro-lenses security thread

Regain control over your brand with micro-optical technology

Rolling Optics offer the most secure visual anti-counterfeit solutions. Our patented and complex micro-optical technology creates a unique visual effect – impossible to copy and easy to use. Just by looking at the 3D imagery, consumers can see they’re buying a genuine product. The incredible visual effect makes your product stand out and requires no special lighting or reading device to ensure authenticity.

Areas of application

Rolling Optics micro-optical security solutions are developed to ensure authenticity, tamper protection and shelf impact. They primarily come as a flexible self-adhesive label but can be converted and integrated into a wide range of packaging applications. Since all of our customers have their own specific set of needs and requirements we offer full flexibility in the product development to ensure all needs are met.



Fast-moving consumer goods

Thin and flexible 3D security labels with tamper-evident solutions to prevent any manipulation or counterfeits of your products.




Protecting and optimizing the whole supply chain from factory to end-user.

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Why it works

Our advanced solution is a combination of several elements developed and refined over many years. Among these are:


  • fully patented ultra-high-resolution micro printing technology
  • in-house developed production system and software
  • strictly controlled upstream and downstream supply chain
  • highly specialized engineering with know-how developed over 15 years
  • dedicated and experienced team of designers

Create your artwork

Our team of designers will guide you when transforming your logotype, brand name or any other design you may prefer from 2D into 3D. You will get access to a large toolbox of optical effects and features to maximize the visual experience for the consumer.


Customize it to your needs

Once the 3D imagery has been set, we finalize the security label solution in accordance with the needs of your application and product. We can incorporate a number of additional features to ensure the integrity of your products as well as offer new ways to communicate with your customers.


Security and Tamper Evident Features


  • Security slits and perforations- making it impossible to remove the label without being destroyed
  • VOID – When attempting to remove the label, a text or pattern will remain on the surface
  • Chameleon – A color field changes color and remain on the surface when the label is removed


Track and Trace and Consumer Engagement Features


Rolling optics technology serves as an ideal platform to incorporate track and trace as well as consumer engagement features such as:

  • QR and Data Matrix Codes
  • Serial numbers
  • RFID
  • NFC

Apply it to your product

The security labels will be delivered on rolls ready for application and are compatible with most types of label applicators. If needed, Rolling Optics can provide advice and guidance in how the application can be integrated into your production line.


As all of our customers have their own specific set of needs and requirements we offer full flexibility in the product development to ensure all needs are met. 


Eye-catching security labels

By simply looking at the stunning 3D effects in the security labels the end-consumer will immediately know they are buying a genuine product. It is the easiest and most reliable solution for the end-consumers to know they are purchasing an authentic product with no need for special lighting or reading devices.


Made in Sweden

Rolling Optics and its technology has grown and matured in the innovative soil of Sweden. By building production and development in Stockholm, we make sure to preserve the most important values we bring to our customers.


World leading security

Rolling Optics patented micro-optical technology is extremely difficult to replicate. Our world class solutions within banknote authentication and brand protection are recognized as the next generation security solutions.