Consumer Goods

Engaging and attractive 3D security labels to protect your brand and customers while at the same time creating maximum shelf impact.

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Spirits & Beverages

Thin and flexible 3D security labels with tamper-evident solutions to prevent any manipulation or counterfeits of your products.

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Cosmetics & Personal Care

3D security labels to secure your products and inspire your customers. Customized designs to enhance your brand.

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Pharma & Nutrition

Tamper-evident 3D security labels fully compatible with track & trace and serialization requirements.

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Protecting and optimizing the whole supply chain from factory to end-user.

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Customized 3D

Rolling Optics micro optical security solutions primarily come as a flexible self-adhesive label but can be converted and integrated into a wide range of packaging applications. As counterfeiting is a global problem across many industries, Rolling Optics customers all have their own specific set of needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer full flexibility in the product development to ensure all needs are met.

brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit
3D effects virtually
impossible to replicate
Rolling Optics creates customized 3D imagery to fully protect your brand. Our team of designers will guide you when transforming your logotype, brand name or any other artwork you may prefer from 2D into 3D. You will get access to a large toolbox of optical effects and features to maximize the visual experience for the consumer.
brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit
Tailored to your needs
Once the 3D imagery has been set, we finalize the security label solution in accordance with the needs of your application and product. We can incorporate a number of additional features to ensure the integrity of your products as well as offer new ways to communicate with your customers.

Security and Tamper Evident Features

  • Security slits and perforations- making it impossible to remove the label without being destroyed
  • VOID – When attempting to remove the label, a text or pattern will remain on the surface
  • Chameleon – A color field changes color and remain on the surface when the label is removed


Track and Trace and Consumer Engagement Features

Rolling optics technology serves as an ideal platform to incorporate track and trace as well as consumer engagement features such as:

  • QR and Data Matrix Codes
  • Serial numbers
  • RFID
  • NFC
brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit
brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit
The security labels will be delivered on rolls ready for application and are compatible with most types of label applicators. If needed, Rolling Optics can provide advice and guidance in how the application can be integrated into your production line.
About us

Rolling Optics was founded in 2005 with solid technical background from research at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, Sweden. Rolling Optics patented and in-house developed technology within the micro optical field enables an incredible and crystal-clear 3D effect which is virtually impossible to copy. Today, Rolling Optics supplies the most secure visual anti-counterfeit solution in the world. Rolling Optics operates in two principal areas: Brand security- protecting companies and brands from counterfeits. High security- including bank notes, ID cards and passports.

brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit

Be Seen, Be Secure – Security labels

By simply looking at the stunning 3D effects in the security labels produced by Rolling Optics the end-consumer will instantly know they are buying a genuine product. There is no need for special lighting or reading devices to authenticate the product. The eye-catching effect does not only call for consumer interaction but also ensure the security feature is seen and recognized as compared to the other less attractive technologies.
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brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit

Made in Sweden

Rolling Optics and its technology has grown and matured in the innovative soil of Sweden. By building production and development in Stockholm, we make sure to preserve the most important values we bring to our customers. From its base in Sweden, Rolling Optics has a global distribution reach and can serve customers in all corners of the world.
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brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit
brand protection, security labels, anti-counterfeit

Why is it secure?

Rolling Optics is confident to say its worldwide patented solution is the most secure visual anti-counterfeit technology available on the market. The advanced technology is a combination of several elements developed over many years. Among these are a fully patented ultra-high-resolution micro printing technology, a unique in-house developed production system and software and a strictly controlled upstream and downstream supply chain. The barriers for any counterfeiter to come close in duplicating the technology is extremely high and will therefore last for many years to come.
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Management System Certificate

This is to certify that the management system of Rolling Optics AB,

has been found to conform to the Management System Standards:

ISO 9001:2015/ISO 14001:2015
This certificate is valid for the following scope: Development,
design and manufacturing and sales of micro-optical 3D films.