Rolling Optics is a world leading supplier of micro optical security materials for brand protection. Our primary product is labels with 3D-effects used as a measure for brands to protect themselves against counterfeiting.

Rolling Optics was founded as a company in 2005 with solid technical background from research at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, Sweden. Since 2010 Rolling Optics has provided its customers with high quality micro optical security products. Being the pioneers in this technical field, Rolling Optics sets a footprint in history that competitors and counterfeiters have just started to realize the impact of.

The world leading player in micro optic

The International expertise regard micro optical technologies currently evolving as one of the most disruptive technologies in security printing and Rolling Optics is recognized within the security industry as the producer of the highest quality micro-optics in the world. Holograms, which have been the security standard in many parts of the world, are now being replaced by Rolling Optics´ security labels carrying instantly recognized and unique 3D-images.

As a logical consequence of its position in the field of micro optics, in 2015 Rolling Optics entered into a strategic partnership with Innovia Films and CCL Secure, – the manufacturers of the worlds most sophisticated substrates for polymer banknotes.

Global market, local production

Our business mission is that our micro optical security film with its 3D-effects will become the leading visual security solution to be used by brands wishing to protect and promote themselves all over the globe.

To reach companies and consumers in need for protection, Rolling Optics has built up a strong network of distributors and partners covering large parts of the world. However, in order to preserve the security and avoid spreading of know-how and technology to counterfeiters and competitors, Rolling Optics has chosen to keep its production locally in Stockholm, Sweden. In-house, we manage everything from design and prototyping to tooling and production of 3D-film.