Poland launches commemorative note with 3D-effects from Rolling Optics

On February 9 the Polish central bank (Narodowny Bank Polski;NBP) issued a new commemorative banknote with the Cinema optical security effect, which is the result of a development collaboration between CCL Secure and Rolling Optics.

The commemorative note, in the denomination of 20 złoty, is a tribute to the Polish universal genius Mikołaj Kopernik (Copernicus) who was born 550 years ago and died 480 years ago.

CCL Secure, which has produced the polymeric banknote substrate, i.e. the material of the banknote itself, has, in consultation with the Polish Security Print works (PWPW) and NBP, chosen to use the security effect Cinema, developed by CCL and Rolling Optics.

The banknote contains a number of different security effects that link to Copernicus’ contributions in sciences such as economics, mathematics and medicine. Cinema, with its 3D and motion effects, helps to deepen the story of Copernicus’ great astronomical discovery. The Cinema™ feature has both a 10mm deep depth effect combined with a flip of the earth spinning around the sun. The complexity and dimensional illusion of the 25mm wide Cinema™ feature is complemented by a fully clear and transparent window containing a yellow spot colour, vignette line work and shadow images, providing further depth and movement and historical context to the other planets orbiting the sun i.e. Heliocentric or sun centred system

– This is the second banknote issued with the security effect Cinema, and here you can really see the given place our technology has among banknotes, -both as a security effect and as an aesthetic complement to more traditional graphics, says Otto Drakenberg, acting CEO of Rolling Optics .

CCL Secure is the largest producer in the world of polymer substrate for banknotes with approximately 80 percent of the market and customers in over 35 countries. Polymer notes are considered to be more durable and environmentally friendly, more hygienic and secure than paper banknotes.

Rolling Optics has partnered with CCL Secure since 2015. An agreement between the companies grants CCL Secure a license to use Rolling Optics’ technology for integration into banknotes where Rolling Optics receives a royalty fee per banknote produced and sold. A commemorative note like this is issued in a relatively small volume of approx. 100,000 copies and therefore does not significantly affect RO’s turnover in the short term. This is the second banknote to feature Cinema™ and another step towards broader adoption on the technology on higher volume circulating banknotes.